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Vickie Perron 

Clarity and Mindset Center  Program Director

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Clarity and Mindset Center
Program Director

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The Clarity and Mindset Center


With over three decades of experience in Consulting, Coaching, and Leadership, Vickie’s journey brings a rich blend of life experience. Vickie began coaching in 2012 and realized that working with people to achieve breakthrough results, was a valuable and rewarding experience.

Before coaching, she held leadership roles, managing large teams, and high-impact programs.

Her resume includes Fortune 100 companies where she spearheaded strategic initiatives, managed cross-functional programs, and championed change management efforts.

Her experience has ranged from Fortune 100 companies to dynamic startups and to solo entrepreneurs.

Vickie has also served in the military, worked in the trades, worked as an engineer, and also in the real estate and mortgage Industry.

Vickie’s life has been an education in transitions, resilience, and truly living life to its fullest.

Vickie’s expertise is backed by her extensive training, Vickie is trained in the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Life Coaching Model, and is a certified coach in Master Mindset, Life Transitions, and Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, Vickie has a BS in Computer Systems.

Vickie is not just a coach; she’s an author, mentor, speaker, and a skilled trainer who places her faith in the indomitable human spirit.

With her rich tapestry of experiences, coupled with her global perspective and entrepreneurial spirit, Vickie brings a wealth of wisdom and relatability to her coaching practice.

Vickie is the Director of the Clarity and Mindset Center -

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