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Our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

Our Purpose

To create a community of coaches who thrive as professionals and impact our clients to live extraordinary lives

Our Vision

People are flourishing through partnerships with ICF coaches

Our Mission

To create and support coaching experiences that unlock potential, transform lives, and empower communities

We achieve our mission by:

  • Creating opportunities for credentialed coaches to volunteer their coaching services in the community
  • Educating the public about the benefits of coaching and partnering with ICF Credentialed Coaches
  • Maintaining the International Coaching Federation’s highest standards of ethics and integrity
  • Supporting coaches in acquiring their first ICF credential and advancing to the next level
  • Promoting professional coaching and professional coaches around the region
  • Creating professional development events that serve the needs of business and other entities in the region
  • Providing outstanding professional development programs for coaches and other human development professionals
  • Building strategic alliances with regional business, government, non-profit and other professional organizations

Our Values

People First
- Always

Intentionality - We make purposeful choices that serve our clients and our communities

Engaging -
 We are proactive with our members and community, and we are present in all of our relationships

Gratitude - 
We readily give and receive support and mentorship among our members

Integrity/Ethics - 
We hold ourselves, to the highest standards of integrity and ethics

Professional Excellence/Education -
 We provide opportunities for members, clients, and partners to be at their best

Committed to Vision - 
We have a shared purpose, and we understand the legacy we want to leave

Forward Thinking - 
We push the envelope. We are edgy. We are open to experimenting

Fun - 
We believe that having FUN is a vital part of our sustained success