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Elissa Kennedy 

Elissa Kennedy Coaching LLC  Holistic Mental Fitness Coach
Davis, CA
(530) 601-9795

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Davis, CA
(530) 601-9795
Elissa Kennedy Coaching LLC
Holistic Mental Fitness Coach

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Elissa Kennedy Coaching
Owner/ Coach


Elissa Kennedy is a Certified Holistic Mental Fitness Coach

Mental Fitness Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

Programs that strengthen performance and improve productivity across organizations. You and your team will reduce stress and discover tools that grow the bottom line and improve the team’s overall well-being.

The results will be sustainable improvements in performance, innovation, well-being, and relationships while establishing a growth mindset.

For coach-led mental fitness programs and workshops, schedule a discovery call with Elissa Kennedy today.

Don't Ignore The Underlying Feeling Of Dissatisfaction It's A Hint That Something Is Missing In Your Life

You've been searching for the secret formula or life circumstance that will make you happy.

The real key to your happiness lies in shifting your thought patterns and I can help you find it without blowing up your whole life. I will save you years of spinning in place.

The Only Thing Standing In Your Way Is Your Mindset

I know, it sounds like B.S. but I can prove it

Before I found the Mental Fitness training from Positive Intelligence (PQ for short) I was struggling with a low level of discontentment and feelings of despair. It was starting to affect my health, mental state, relationships, and career. I had a lot of good excuses: it was 2020, we were still in lockdown, and our sky was orange from wildfire smoke. 


After I learned and practiced Mental Fitness exercises daily for a few weeks, I was amazed to see big shifts in my mindset. My thoughts transformed from deep despair to hope and joy, even though the circumstances in my life hadn’t changed. All those external things were the same. 


I was thriving and able to navigate challenges with innovative ideas. I felt happier, more joyful, more creative, and more resilient. I also felt more grounded with boundaries around my energy so I could fully support others while maintaining my well-being.

I see the same results with my clients over and over again! 

Certifications Include:

ACC Qualification from ICF

CPQC a Certified Mental Fitness Coach from Positive Intelligence

CLCC a Certified Life Coach with a Specialization in Somatic Coaching from Courageous Living Coach Certification.

I also have a local network for Women in Davis and the surrounding area. We offer networking events, casual gatherings, workshops, and classes to help you expand your professional and personal development and grow your network.

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