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David McEwen   (#36)   (David)

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Sacramento, CA
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The Lean Thinking Coach
Owner, Executive Change Agent

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The Lean Thinking Coach
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Owner, Executive Change Agent
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David McEwen, MBA, LSSMBB, PCC, is in the business of accelerating impact – helping organizations and professionals at all levels get to the next level. He brings a strategic, thought-evoking, practical, and actionable approach to his engagements with the goal of inspiring a way of thinking and engaging that accelerates performance through continuous learning, reflection and improvement.

David’s coaching specialties include: Business Performance Improvement, Leadership, Group/Team, and Personal/Life. With decades of experience in a variety of coaching, consulting, and leadership roles across several industries including healthcare, hospitality, health and fitness, and now public service, David’s clients appreciate his approach because he listens attentively and asks questions that cause them to think bigger and accomplish more.

Grounded in a strong relationship foundation, he will work with you to co-create the engagement and expected outcomes using a flexible, yet systematic approach. If barriers to moving forward become evident, David will respectfully evoke a different way of thinking if it impedes meaningful progress.

It would bring great joy to David if, through focused dialogue and unwavering commitment to the process, you attained the personal, professional and/or organizational excellence you worked so hard to achieve.

Strengths: Individualization, Strategic, Developer, Ideation, Intellection