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President's Message



First, please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Amy Shuman and I am honored to be your ICF Sacramento chapter president! I have been coaching for four years, and am certified with ICF and Gallup (any other CliftonStrengths fans out there?). If you are on LinkedIn you can see more about me; I would love to connect! Oh, and while you are there, pop over to our chapter page and hit "follow."

So, now I suppose you are expecting some words of wisdom. Fair enough. {crickets}

Turns out it's a lot of pressure when you are trying to be profound. What can I offer to a group of coaches who are, themselves, experts in areas of personal development and reflection? I must admit, I considered copying past-president Laurie Cozart's message from this time last year...

Joking aside, I'd like to share what's on my mind as I think about the months ahead.

I am looking forward to:
building from a solid foundation established by past chapter leaders,
getting to see the new board members in action, and how their talents can bring our vision to life,
creating efficiencies and maximizing the time of our volunteers through setting goals, timelines and getting to work,
hearing from all of you on ways we can best serve our members,
celebrating our inevitable successes!
You, the people who comprise this group, are changing the world on a daily basis. The work you do has positive ripple effects beyond what any of us can imagine! How powerful this work is; how critical you are.

I'll be in touch through the monthly newsletters, on social media and, of course, at as many events as I can attend. We hope to see you on Zoom, various platforms, and at some in-person events we anticipate hosting throughout the year! More to come on that.

One last thing (I hope you are still reading): please fill out the member survey (below) to help us design our year with your preferences in mind (it's short).

With gratitude,
Amy Shuman, PCC


Laurie Cozart, MBA, MCC, NLCP

Welcome to May!  May is known as a month of transition and change.  This new month is a reminder of new beginnings, open doors and fresh opportunities to flourish.

Since the beginning of 2021 our Chapter has been growing and flourishing.  This month is another exciting month of opportunities for us to Coach More, Coach Better and Coach Connected as a community to Connect, Contribute and Thrive.
May Kicks off International Coaching Week (ICW)!  International Coaching Week is an annual celebration of the power and impact of professional coaching.  2021's theme is "Defying Challenging Times" and runs from May 17 to 23.  As coaches, we know of the power and impact of professional coaching, especially during challenging times like these.  ICW is our opportunity to share that power with our families, friends, and neighbors.  ICF Sacramento will be celebrating ICW in several ways, and we invite you to join us in as many as possible.  The intention is to provide our membership with a place to send potential clients, friends, family, and colleagues to learn more about what coaching is and the many different styles and niches that coaching has to offer and give them a chance to try some different styles.  It’s like “speed dating” for coaches or a coaching buffet!

We will be conducting three panel discussions on Thursday, May 20th.  The first segment begins at 11am where we will discuss what coaching is and isn’t.  At 11:30 we will move the discussion into the experience of both a client and coach from their perspectives.  At 12:30 we shift to sharing internal coaching perspectives and the 3rd panel starts at 1:30 focusing on coaching as a career.  Please join us to learn or share.
To see the full President's message video click here.


Laurie Cozart, MBA, MCC, NLCP

January 2021

Hello Fellow ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you my presidents message before it goes live on the website.  Your adaptability and resilience over over the past year has been an extraordinary experience for that I won’t forget.  Watching you come together to support, share and inspire each other has during unprecedented times has been an inspiration to witness.  Much like the gift of coaching where when we hold sacred space for another we bear witness to the magic of the human spitit to transform and expand.  

Together with my colleagues and board members at the ICF Sacramento chapter, I wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! 

After a year as the ICF Sacramento chapter’s President-elect, I am thrilled to begin my new role as Chapter President for 2021!

I am both excited and humbled to be leading such an important professional association. I look forward to the new opportunities to support our members growth and add value to the coaching profession. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Melna Jones, for her excellent leadership and outstanding contributions to the Sacramento chapter during her presidency in a very tough and interesting year. 

I am so proud and inspired by the great work of Melna, and our 2020 board members, and so grateful to you and our 2021 Board for entrusting me with the extraordinary opportunity to serve an organization with a rich history and a mission so close to my heart. 

As we kick off 2021, I feel extremely fortunate to work with our newly-formed and remarkable team of dedicated board members. This talented group of people, and their commitment to supporting coaches, is amazing.  I am inspired by their commitment to the chapter and all of their achievements.

The growth of our chapter has been propelled collectively by the members, partners, past presidents, and past Board members. I look forward to continuing this important work with our current programs and moving forward with many new initiatives.  

As a coach of two decades, I am passionate about coaching and see this position as a way for me to give back to a community that has given me so much.  I am driven to support coaches and serve them at my highest level of ability.  

We at the Sacramento Chapter are excited to share with you many new opportunities for you to Connect, Contribute and Thrive.  Each of our existing programs and all new offerings will allow coaches to expand in these three key areas: 
  • Coach More
  • Coach Better
  • Coach Connect

This year is about expansion and growth, not just as a chapter but as coaches. Let’s make the commitment to help each other grow and thrive!

I look forward to taking this journey with you, our members and partners, and continuing the work that serves the coaches in our chapter and beyond.

We are eager to hear your suggestions, questions, and concerns, and I hope that you will connect with us and reach out to me in the coming year. We will continue to gather virtually and (we hope) in person in 2021. Thank you for your continued support of the ICF Sacramento Chapter.

As we close out a year that’s been unlike any other, I also wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you. Thank you for being part of our ICF family and thank you for your never-ending passion, hope, and optimism for the future of coaching. I’m wishing you and your loved ones a safe, healthy, and happy 2021.

Introduce the new board…


December 2020

Hello Fellow ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

Happy Holidays!
  It is December – the twelfth month of the year, the first month of winter, and some of the shortest days of the year.  It is the season of celebration, and although that may look a little bit different this year, there is still much to be grateful for, to celebrate – family and friends, the experiences this year has brought us, the support we have provided one another, and so much more.

Twenty-Twenty has been a year for the history books.  I am remembering all that we have been able to achieve, despite the many challenges.  Here is a quick look back…

  • First, when hit with the pandemic, we did something we had not had the opportunity to do up until that time – we went 100% virtual.  And it worked!!!This year, we held over 40 virtual events with more then 700+ attendees.

  • We grew – who would’ve thought???  This year, our membership retention is at more than 75%, and a total of 45 new members joined our Chapter.

  • And we did not miss out on participating in International Coaching Week – in prep for it, we had a lively Zoom based “hands-on” laser coaching training that 37 of you attended.

  • We begin 2 new programs this year: 1) The Coaching Mastermind & Case Analysis Program, and 2) our new ICF Credentialing Program.  Both have been outrageously successful.

  • And when it came to succession planning, you, our membership, did not disappoint.  We got the best response ever to our invitation for Board of Director positions. This year we received applications from 12 of you seeking board positions and that outcome exceeded expectations.

I want to extend my thanks to all of you for helping to make this year the success that it has been.  And thank you to the 2020 Board of Directors  without whom this journey would not have been the great experience that it was.  I could not have done it without you – Michele Tevis, Laurie Cozart, Jim Geiger, Margaret Lorenz, Tina Shaw, Todd Eckblad, Coleen Chandler, Kimberly Kristenson-Lee, Jason Quintero and Casey Field. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take this journey with you as Chapter President for 2020.  As I pass the reins to our incoming President, Laurie Cozart, I am looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.  I know that Laurie is more then capable of taking us to the next level.  Get ready to soar!

Take care and Stay Safe.  

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year.

With a Grateful Heart,




November 2020

Hello Fellow ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

Happy Holidays!  The holiday season is upon us already.  And it is one like never seen before.  I can say honestly that I am looking forward to online Black Friday shopping!  No lines, no standing in the cold – I am there!  But honestly, I am filled with gratitude, joy, and thanks, despite all that this year has brought.  And if you are not there with me yet, it is okay.  Just keep in mind – this too shall pass.

As we move toward the end of this year, we will be winding down our Chapter meetings and events - there will not be a general meeting in December.  There are, however, a few things I do want you to be aware of: 

  1. Annual Holiday Party – This year we are hosting a “virtual” Holiday Party and we hope that you will join us in celebrating the holiday season.  We will have music, games, networking, and a Special Surprise Party Box that will be sent to all Early Bird Registrants.  And in the spirit of giving, all ticket proceeds will be donated to the Sacramento Children’s Home.  We hope that you will join us.  Sign Up Here! 


  2. Election Update – Voting for the 2021 ICF Sacramento Board of Directors election opened Friday, November 6!  The voting period closes on Friday, November 20, 2020, at midnight PST.  Each ICF Sacramento Chapter Member should have received an email that included the link to the ballot.  Results will be announced by November 30, 2020.


  3. What’s Next Survey – As mentioned before, we are looking for your input to help us in planning for 2021. This survey will be an opportunity for you to provide us with your thoughts, your insight for what you believe is needed to support you as a member of the chapter as well as where you feel we might improve as a chapter.  A link to the survey will be sent via email by November 30th.

I hope that you and your family stay safe and well.  And enjoy a happy holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Melna


October 2020

Hello Fellow ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

Is it really Fall?
  Moving quickly into winter?  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around that truth.  Where did the year go?  Well, this is for many the harvest season, the time for gathering, cutting, drying, and preparing for next year.  Where are you in this process?

As we wind down 2020, ICF Sacramento is preparing to review just what we did, what worked for us as a Chapter, for our membership, for our community, and where we might have opportunity to make improvement next year.  We do not want to do this alone, we need your input, your insight to make our Chapter the thriving entity we would like it to be.  Here is some of what you can expect in the coming weeks.

  1. New Board Members Ballot – We have 5 board positions that will become vacant December 31st and have received applications from members interested in filling those positions. In concert with our bylaws, ICF Chapter members will have an opportunity to vote for who will fill each position. You will receive an email ballot toward the end of October introducing you to each of the candidates. We ask that you please take the time to cast your vote.


  2. What’s Next Survey – We have accomplished a great deal this year, despite all that has occurred, and we’d like to do even more in 2021.We need your help in determining what that looks like and how we get there. In November, you will receive a link to a short survey that will give you the chance to share your thoughts in regard to what you feel is needed to support you as a member of the chapter as well as what the chapter needs. We would very much appreciate your feedback.


I want to thank each of you for helping us to “pivot” so nicely into this new thrilling way of doing gatherings, meetups, and trainings – “Virtualness”.   It has been a greater success then we imagined it might be.  We want to continue to make a difference and I hope that you will continue with us as we look forward to what the future holds for us, for coaching.

Take care and stay safe,

 ~ Melna


September 2020

Hello ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

I hope that September finds you well.  We’ve endured quite a bit this year and it doesn’t seem to be over just yet.  Here we are just a couple of days away from the beginning of Fall – leaves changing color, cooler nights, shorter days – it’s really unbelievable how fast the year has gone, and some would say not fast enough. 

Despite the many crises we have endured this year, it hasn’t been all bad.  The doors to change swung wide open, or perhaps some would say that they were pushed open.  And many of you walked through them to find great expectations on the other side.   Our ICF Sacramento Chapter did as well with:

  • All virtual Chapter meetings and trainings
  • New emphasis on business development
  • Greater support for coach credentialing and renewal
  • A Mastermind cohort with focus on bettering coaching practices & strategies

The year isn’t quite over yet – there’s still much to come.  Our chapter is looking to continue adapting with whatever the “new normal” becomes.  And we are looking for you, our members, to help us in doing that.  We welcome, invite your suggestions, comments, recommendations, and your assistance as we sprint toward the end of 2020 and begin making plans for 2021. Are you ready for it? 

Be safe and take care of yourself.  



August 2020

Hello ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

Welcome to August!  It has been a topsy-turvy time, hasn’t it.  And the end isn’t quite in sight yet.  But that hasn’t stopped many of us from finding new ways of doing life.  People and communities are coming together in ways they’ve never done before.  Our lives, our world is being reshaped in lasting ways - some to the good, and some, not so good.    In whatever place you find yourself, I hope that you see this reshaping, these changes, as opportunity.

We at ICF Sacramento are doing just that - grabbing the opportunities before us as a result of the changes brought about by the crisis of 2020.   We are taking advantage of virtual meetings and training, bringing more of it to our coaching community then we have ever done before.  This month we are planning multiple program events to further the social impact of coaching. And, starting in September, we will be adding a couple of new offerings: 

Coaching Mastermind & Case Analysis – This will be a 4-month cohort where participants will have an opportunity to explore and analyze their coaching work with a focus on patterns, thinking, models and relationship dynamics.  To ensure the integrity of the process, this Mastermind will be limited to only 8 coaches.  You can find more information and registration at

ICF Credentialing We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like more information around credentialing and help understanding what you’ll need to renew your ICF credential.  We now have a new Credentialing Program Director who is knowledgeable in all things credentialing.  With the upcoming changes to the ICF Ethics and Standards, we want to ensure that you are educated and prepared.  Look for more information to come on our website.

One of the things that many of us miss is being able to come together, face-to-face to get to know one another.  So we are going to try something new in hopes that you will join us – Highlighting ICF Sacramento Members.  The coaching profession is incredibly diverse in practitioner and practice and we want to highlight all the wild and wonderful ways ICF Sacramento Members use coaching to make an impact!  We invite you to send us a short paragraph about you, your niche, your coaching business, and we will share it on our social media pages.  We look forward to getting to know you better on a personal level.

As we sprint toward the latter half of this year, we are looking for a few good women and men to join us in the roles of committee members, board directors and assistant board directors.  It is a wonderful opportunity and you will be richer for the experience, and so will we.  If you are interested and would like to get more information, reach out to me at,  or to Laurie Cozart, President-Elect at

Enjoy the hot summer nights of August, be safe, and take care of yourself, 



June 2020

Dear ICF Sacramento Coaching Community, 

I hope that this message finds all of you well. As mentioned earlier, we were planning to host a facilitated conversation, however we have found that there is an abundance of resources available around this. Therefore, we are going to take advantage of them. Here are some upcoming conversations around Diversity and Inclusion and also a list of resources that might be of help to you or your clients.

Cultural Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Virtual Connections

  1. Tuesday, June 16, 2:30 pm PST (90 minutes) – ICF Orange County: A Conversation About Race with Mark Hunter, MCC. This will be a dialogue focused on how to have the tough conversation, facilitate open dialogue about race, and ask the questions you've wanted to ask.There will be no CCEu's.
  2. Thursday, June 18, 12pm EST - Coaches for Equality and Diversity discussion with Dr. Towanna Burrous. Zoom Meeting:
  3. Thursday, June 18, 6pm PST – ICF Washington State:Townhall Meeting in Response to Black Lives Matter.
  4. Friday, June 19, 12 p.m. EST – ATD Diversity & Inclusion Twitter chat - #tdcapabilitymodel.
  5. Wednesday, June 24, 11:30 a.m. – ICF Arizona:Breaking Free from Bias: Unlocking All Potential Facilitated by Marilyn O'Hearne, MSW, MCC, CCEUs: 1.5 Total: 1.0 core competency and .05 resource development.


  1. Secondary Stewardship by “Laura van Dernoot Lipsky” – best-selling book on secondary trauma, free at
  2. How Inclusion Matters,
  3. Shift the Impact of Bias by Choosing Courage,
  4. A New Look at D&I:Interview with Michelle P. King,
  5. Learning to Recognize Discrimination in Business Language,
  6. Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Self-Assessment,
  7. Other ATD resources,


  1. A list of 137 ways to donate.

Change begins with each of us. Let’s stand together – for diversity, for inclusion, for respect, for justice!  Continue to stay safe.

Take care,

Melna Jones, President


May 2020

Hello ICF Sacramento Coaches and Friends,

It’s May!  Can you believe it?  We have moved so quickly into Spring – one of my most favorite times of the year by the way – that  it feels as if we’ve skipped something.  The days have gotten longer, warmer, and it feels like celebration is in the air, And It Is!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  And it doesn’t stop there.

It’s International Coaching Week! May 4 – 10, 2020”. And we at ICF Sacramento would like to invite you to celebrate this annual event with us.  International Coaching Week is an annual celebration of the power and impact of professional coaching. From May 4–10, 2020, ICF Members from around the world are invited to celebrate coaching’s power to positively impact individuals, organizations, communities, and the world.  This year during ICW week and even beyond, ICF Sacramento will host pro-bono coaching events.  We would like to encourage you to join us by donating pro-bono time to coach someone in your community.  For more information, contact our Director of Special Events, Tina Shaw,

The New ICF Digital Badges have finally launched!  ICF Global announced last week that Digital Badges are now available. There are a great many benefits to having the ICF digital badge including being able to provide clients, employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credential and what you’re now capable of.

An email was sent from to all ICF Credential-holders informing them that they have a new ICF badge to accept. The badge can be shared on your social media pages, in your email signature, and on your website. If you did not receive the email, you can Click Here to request a Digital Badge.  For more information about the new Digital Badge ,visit the ICF Global page.

Don't forget to renew your Membership?  We have aligned with ICF Global and have extend the membership renewal and grace period to August 31st.  If you need assistance with renewing please contact Todd Eckblad,

As we continue this journey through an unknown season, it is my hope that we as coaches will keep practicing the tenets of self-care, that we’ll seek out opportunities to gather for a chance to listen to one another, share, and inspire each other.  And we are striving to continue to bring value to our members through:

  • Monthly Chapter Meetings - where you can gather, connect, and learn.
  • Core Competency Virtual Classes - where you can earn additional CCEU's and recommit to the core competencies of our profession.
  • Lunch N' Learns - where coaches come together to exchange awesome ideas and encourage one another.
  • Virtual Coach Connections – where you have the opportunity to further cement and foster the relationships between coaches within our Community. 

Our world is still in the throes of an unparalleled crisis, something we have never experienced before. I would hazard to say that in the coming months we will need coaches and coaching more than ever. Take a moment and update your profile in the "Find A Coach" section of our website.  Let’s see this as an opportunity to do what we as coaches do best – Coach!


Stay safe and take care, ~Melna~



March 2020

Hello Coaches and Friends of ICF Sacramento,

How are you weathering this challenging situation?  My hope is that you are taking care of yourselves.  The new reality that we are living with, the COVID-19, Corona virus, is impacting us all in ways we’d never imagined, I’m sure. Just this week, I stood in line at the local Costco for quite a while hoping to be able to buy bread and eggs.  I am reminded at times like this why coaching is so important, so needed.  The impact of this situation on each of us, on our clients, our community – it can be managed, if we’re willing to be purposeful, supportive.  People are looking for hope, for encouragement – and isn’t that what we do as coaches – help people to find clarity in times that seem chaotic, turned around? 

The coming weeks and months are going to bring an enormous amount of change to our lives, particularly learning to connect in place.  We could look at this time and see only the challenges that it is brings with it, or we could look at it and see the opportunities that it presents.  What opportunities you ask?  Well, a chance to:

  • Reconnect with ourselves and what’s most essential, most important.
  • Investigate self-care by trying on meditation, yoga, or catching up on sleep.
  • Create a space, virtually, to help foster community, understanding, and compassion.
  • Reach out in support of your clients (or potential clients) offering services to help them stay grounded during these uncharted times.

If you need coaching tips, if you’re seeking help as a coach to live and to work purposefully during this time, we’re here for you.  Connect with us. We have made plans to host our upcoming training and development sessions virtually for the next several weeks, including the following:

  • March 19 – 6pm Core Competency Zoominar – Competency #1 – Meeting Ethical Guidelines
  • March 25th – 11:30am Lunch & Learn– "Guerrilla Publicity", featuring Jill Lublin
  • April 14th – 11:30am Chapter meeting – "Superior Spot Coaching", led by Leann Ferry

You can find more information about these and other events on our website at 

We look forward to serving you, inspiring you to remain a positive force in a world that so greatly needs it. Thank you for your continued support of ICF and the coaching profession.    


To your best, mj


February 2020


           Hello Coaches and Friends of ICF Sacramento,

                                             It’s February
- I love this time of year.  It’s just about the time that the weather starts to change, and the days are a little warmer, a little bit longer, and it just feels like you can do anything – almost.  We are taking advantage of that energy at ICF Sacramento to uplevel our game.  Need a boost?  Well here’s some really awesome news - Some of what you’ll see rolling out this spring:

Virtual Core Competency Classes
– Yes, you spoke, and we heard you.  In March we will begin doing the Core Competency classes over Zoom.  They will still take place the third Thursday of each month at 6pm.  Check the ICF Sacramento events calendar for more information and to sign up.


Virtual Lunch and Learns – Because we want to make the experience available to you no matter where you are – at work, at home, in the airport, in another country – it won’t matter.  Be on the lookout for more information.  Kimberly Kristenson-Lee, our Director of Program Development, is the lead on both this project and the Core Competency classes.  If you have an interest in assisting as part of our professional development subcommittee, contact Kim at


Laser Coaching – 15 to 20-minute, short, intense sessions.  In 2020, our chapter is partnering with community organizations and others to give back by way of introducing coaching via Laser Coaching sessions, mini-workshops and panels.  In preparation, we are planning to offer to our members the opportunity to test the waters, if you haven’t tried it already, to polish your skills in this area.  Look for more information to be forthcoming.

It’s ICF’s 25th Anniversary!  This month, February 2020, ICF is celebrating 25 years of leading the future of coaching!  Did you know that the ICF coaching organization had been in existence that long?  You can follow along on Instagram @icfheadquarters to see what new initiatives are being unveiled.  As part of the celebration, ICF Headquarters has kicked off a Business Development Series providing valuable information to help you tweak what’s working well in your coaching business to make it better, the best it can be. 

hope that you will join us in celebrating this milestone anniversary throughout this year as we try to illuminate coaching while inspiring others to take it to the next level.  We appreciate the major role you play in ensuring the success and growth of the ICF Sacramento Charter Chapter.    

Keep smiling, Melna


January 2020


Happy New Year!  Welcome to the 2020’s.    


We saw a lot of change over this last decade – some good, some not so good.  We witnessed the growing power of social media; millennials overtaking boomers in the workforce; an explosion of digital technology (smartphone anyone?); the Internet (Google – is that a noun or verb?) becoming a Thing.  And Amazon took shopping to a whole new level – online, where you didn’t even have to leave your easy chair.  


Then there’s Global temperatures rising, affecting weather patterns around the world and resulting in severe weather events – tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires.  We saw our first total coast-to-coast solar eclipse since Woodrow Wilson.  It’s been quite a decade.  And I’m wondering, just where will this next decade take us?  And how might it affect coaching?  Are you prepared?


The Sacramento Charter Chapter is stepping boldly out into this unknown, with a vision that we hope will serve our members, and thereby, their clients, and the community around us through the next year and beyond.  


Some of what we’re planning to do in 2020 and beyond includes: 

  • Grow our Chapter and expand its reach to include those coaches without a home.
  • Enhance our culture to include more connection, collaboration and fun.
  • Offer vital business development topics and training,
  • Cultivate the networks we have with other associations and organizations to develop partnerships, alliances and sponsorships; and lastly, but not least,
  • Promote coaching – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, in the media – so that communities, businesses, organizations, companies – come to know what a value it is. 


We’ve got great energy, lots of plans, but it’s going to take all of us – you, me and the many coaches in this profession - to make this a reality.  What are you hoping to see in this new decade and what will you do to make it happen?  I can hardly wait to see!


I hope that you’ll join us as we venture into the Twenty-Twenties!



Melna Jones

ICF Charter Chapter President


December 2019

Hello Fellow Coaches and ICF Sacramento Friends,

It’s December, and it is with bittersweet that this is my last President’s message. I honestly don’t know where the year has gone, but it has been my honor and privilege to be of service to you all this year. “December is the month of celebrating, happiness, joy, gifts, family gathering, food, and candy. It is the month where we celebrate the birth of the light, lite a candle, and feel at peace within the world!”– Unknown author. We had a fantastic time at the Holiday Party held at Seasons 52.  It was great to see those who were able to attend and to you all who didn’t make it you were missed.   We have made great strides as a chapter this year.

Here are some highlights from 2019:

  • Our finances and financial account are stable and in excellent shape for 2020.
  • Our membership grew ~10-15%, not as much as we would like, but we are grateful for all of our members and the news ones who have joined our tribe
  • We communicated the value of being part of our tribe
  • We standardize on our communication to our members: Newsletter and Events Email.
  • Between International Coaching Week (ICW) and the SAHRA conference, we significantly extended our reach in the community, built essential partnerships, and increased our sponsorships.
  • We continued to present great speakers for our monthly meetings, with some of them being virtual events.
  • We created the new board position of Director of Credentials held by Coleen Chandler, nothing but positive feedback on this role with helping new coaches become credentialed and existing coaches renewing. 

None of the accomplishments above happened by chance. They are the results of much hard work behind the scene by your Board of Directors and volunteer members. I would like to personally recognize each board member for their continued dedication and professionalism in their service to our chapter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am grateful to serve with such an outstanding team: Coleen Chandler, Tina Shaw, Jim Geiger, Diane Garga, Joe Littell, Melna Jones, Todd Eckblad, Dawn Karner, and Boni LaValley. 


Now it’s time to look to the future. I am passing the President’s baton to Melna Jones, ACC, who has been my invaluable copilot in 2019 as President-Elect and the Public Relations Director for the previous year. Melna and I have worked closely together this year, and she is fully ready and excited to take on the leadership of our chapter. Melna’s knowledge of the chapter and her leadership style will be invaluable as she leads the chapter on its new journey in 2020. We have a very impressive board starting January 1st, 2020. 


I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  And again thank you for the opportunity and your trust in me as your President. 





November 2019


Hello Fellow Coaches and Friends of Sacramento,

It is November already, and it is the month that reminds us that there are so many incredible things to be thankful for, and how blessed we are. It is not about the amount of money you have in the bank, the house you live in, or the car you drive; it is about the people who are close to you, those who are part of your tribe, and those that bring happiness and joy into your life. For me, that is my family, my husband, our daughters, son, and all of our grandchildren whose eyes sparkle when they see us. You all are part of my tribe, and I am excited to see you at the meetings or events that our chapter hosts. So, as we move through November and into the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I would encourage you all to pause, and be THANKFUL for whatever it is that brings that sparkle to your heart, happiness in your soul and joy in your spirit!                                                 


Now for some Chapter Updates:

2020 Board Elections

This is an exciting time and you all should have received the voting ballot for the open 2020 board positions, and it is essential that you cast your vote.  Please take the time to do so; it is one of the benefits of being a member. Click here:  2020 Board Election The voting period ends on November 11th, and we will send out the results before Thanksgiving.


Holiday Party, December 10th
We have selected the location of this year’s party, and it will be at Seasons 52, in the Arden Fair Mall. Mark your calendars so that you don’t miss this evening of fun and of connecting with your fellow tribe.  Look for more details to come in your email and on the ICF Sacramento website.


End of Year Enhancements

We are moving forward with some year-end enhancements to our website to make it easier to navigate, some additional membership reporting capabilities and other infrastructure changes that will complete the foundational work.  By doing this work our Chapter will be set up for even greater success in 2020.


Thank you for the continuous support.  I am grateful to you as members of the Chapter and as fellow coaches. I am honored to be your President. We wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


With Gratitude, Michele



October 2019

Hello Fellow Coaches and Friends of Sacramento


Happy October!

We are officially in the FALL season. I love the brisk mornings, cooler evenings, and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. The beauty of this time of year is impressive, and it reminds me to stop, pause, and take it in. I can remember when I was working full time I didn't stop to look at the beauty around me and on occasion I would get home early enough to catch the sunset I would run out snap a picture on my phone and say to myself that was awesome. I never really took the time to embrace or be present at the moment with nature or life in general. I was too busy running to the next thing I thought I needed to do. I am learning that taking the time to pause and see the beauty around me is a form of self-care, and at that moment, I am learning to "BE." It has been a freeing moment for me and is not something easy to do. I am learning how to "BE" daily.  For you all, as we get into the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I would encourage you to take the time to pause and BE or, as Gandhi says, find the harmony that genuinely makes you HAPPY. 

Here is some Chapter Business I would like to share with you:


SAHRA Conference:

We participated at the conference for the first time as a sponsor, and it was a success; we had ~60 people visit our booth, and over 30 people sign-up and experience laser coaching. We would not have been successful without the support and hard work from Dawn Karner, Diane Garga, SueAnn Freeman, Tania LaFoya the planning committee. The coaches who came to help with representing our Chapter and Global Association, Sharing what the benefits are to hiring a coach and most importantly doing on the spot laser coaching were Boni LaValley, Melna Jones, Dianna Damask, Kevin Lee, Shelene Perriard, Gayle Guest-Brown, Jackie Alcalde-Marr, Tara Zagofsky, Karen Harvey and Wendy Mather – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


We made some great connections with possible partners/sponsors, and as it becomes more solidified, we will let you know the chapter is on the move.


Find a Coach:

Do you know one of your membership benefits is to have a profile on our website that markets you as a coach for hire? It is part of your profile that you create when you join Global and our chapter. I am encouraging all members to review their profiles on both sites to make sure it is reflecting the correct information about you. Who knows it could be a source of potential clients. 


2020 Board Update:

We are very excited to say we have members who have submitted their statements of interest and resumes for all open board positions. The nominating committee will be meeting on Monday, October 7th, to ratify and motion the list of candidates. You will be receiving an e-mail and proxy ballot from me by October 11th, 2019. We are asking that you submit your votes no later than October 31st. The goal is to announce the 2020 board mid-November.


SAVE THE DATE – December 10th, 2019 ICF Sacramento Holiday Party 


Thank you for your continued membership and your commitment to our profession. Go out and have a fabulous October.


Best, Michele



September 2019

Hello Fellow Coaches and Friends of Sacramento


Happy September! It sure is a beautiful start to the month with milder weather, shorter days, the beginning of a new school year and before we know it, we will be in the Holiday Season. It's moving a bit too fast for me, and I realize that my time as your President is almost over, but don't worry you will be in the capable hands of our President-Elect Melna Jones. We have been working closely on strategies, plans, and goals that will continue in 2020.  I am grateful for all of you as members and friends to ICF Sacramento.


Chapter Business: 

The Board and I have been working on the branding and marketing for our Chapter. I wanted to share with you. 

Our mantra is to Connect, Contribute, and Thrive as coaches. We welcome all no matter where you are in your coaching journey. Our Chapter is part of the Global ICF organization, and we are committed to the profession of coaching. 


We bring value to our members through:

  • Monthly Meetings - where you can gather, connect, and learn.
  • Core Competency TeleClass - where you can earn additional CCEU's and recommit to the core competencies of our profession.
  • Lunch N' Learns - where coaches come together to exchange awesome ideas and encourage one another.
  • Local Coach Connections – where you have the opportunity to further cement and foster the relationships between coaches within our Community. 
  • Member Recognition – Holiday Party and more.

Let us know what you think as you will start to see some of this messaging on our Website and social media.


Financial Update:

Our Chapter is financially healthy, and we will end the year with some excess cash. The board and I meet in July and have decided that we would invest a small portion of that money in the infrastructure of our Chapter. We will add some additional capability to our system in the areas of CCEU management, chapter reporting, and some work on the Website. All of these enhancements will help the Chapter run even more efficient in 2020.

2020 Open Board Positions:

Are you Interested in driving strategy, influencing program development, a whiz with social media, a person who loves forming connections then we have a place for you on the 2020 Board of Directors? 

If you are interested and would like more information or the role description for the position you are interested in please contact Michele Tevis at or Melna Jones at


Here are the 2020 OPEN Board Positions:

President-Elect (2021)

Director of Strategic Alliance

Director of Finance (Treasurer)

Director of Communications

Director of Professional Development

Director of Administration (Secretary)

The process is to submit a resume and statement of interest by September 30th to Michele or Melna. In October, the list of candidates will be sent to our members to vote. Our goal is to have the board in place at the beginning of November.


I hope you all are having a fantastic month and are enjoying life to the fullest.   I look forward to seeing you at one of the monthly meetings.  


Best Regards, Michele


August 2019

Hello Coaches and Friends of Sacramento,


As I sit here to write my president’s message my heart is heavy with sadness for the families in Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton Ohio who have lost loved ones with these horrific mass shootings, and the sense of security, safety and freedom we all expect.  I am praying for peace and strength as these communities and families come together to start the process of healing and I honor them for their courage to move forward.

So, what can we do? 

I could not say this any better so I am reposting what my colleague Coleen Chander said and it is still relevant today;  As Coaches, we’ll continue to be the best person we can, live the most fulfilled life that we can, shine our light as bright and as wide as possible so we can touch people in a way that transforms their lives and brings more peace to the world.

Chapter Business:

  • SAHRA Conference
    • September 17 & 18 at McClellan Air Park Conference Center. You should have received an e-mail with the details and request for volunteers.
  • New Coaches Connection Facilitated by Dianna Dimask and Michele Tevis
    • Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Granite Bay, Roseville and Rocklin. This event is not limited to coaches in those areas; all are welcomed.
    • Save the Date: Tuesday, Sept 10, 9:30-10:30 am at La Bou Cafe- Granite Bay at 4110 Douglas Blvd. 
    • More information will be available soon on the website under “Events”.
  • Nominating Committee
    • We are looking for a Chapter member to become part of the committee that approves the board nominations. We have several vacant board positions for 2020 (see the newsletter for details). If you are interested in being on the committee or want to serve on the board please reach out to me or Melna Jones at


    I wish you all a fantastic month of August!  Take the time to stop and smell the roses, cherish your loved ones, be kind to yourself and others, because that one act of kindness can make a difference.


    Gratefully yours, Michele



July 2019

Hello Fellow Sacramento Coaches and Friends:


It's summer, one of my favorite times of the year. Summer is about taking time out to refocus, rejuvenate, and revitalize your mind, body, and soul.  But what does it really mean;


Refocus— to look at the things you have done or are planning to do, and readjust if necessary or  start again in a different way. Do you have business or personal goals you might want to refocus?

Rejuvenate— to add some zest of life into the things you are doing.  Are you in a rut with your coaching practice and looking for ways to bring some enthusiasm into what you are doing?


Revitalize— to give new life, energy, activity, or success to something.  How do you spark a burst of energy into yourself or your practice?


I don't have the answers to those questions, but it is something to ponder as we embrace summer.  To that end, the board of directors met on June 29th to review our strategic plans and to brainstorm ways to realign the remainder of the year and the start of 2020.  We will share the details with you all in a couple of months.  


Chapter Business:

We MISS YOU and we want you back!  We have several members who have not renewed with ICF Global or Sacramento and as of July 1st all of your membership benefits have expired.  One of your benefits was free attendance and CCEU’s for our monthly meetings.   Once your membership expires, you are no longer an active member and  will be required to pay to attend Chapter meetings and other events.  We don't want you to miss out on some of the great meetings and programs, so please, renew today.  If you have any questions or need assistance with renewing, please contact our Membership Director, Todd Eckblad  —


Our next chapter meeting on July 9this;  Coaching with the Transtheoretical Model of Change: Promoting Efficacy and Lasting Change with Barret McBride, Ph.D., MCC.  You still have time to register.  We will also have the Core Competency Tele class and our Coaches Coffee Cafés during the month of July.  We would love to see you there.  


Finally, to further align our chapter's interests and activities with ICF Global, PLEASE take a moment to respond to  this Global Coaching Study Survey The Global Coaching Study is commissioned by ICF and conducted by PwC.  It is surveys like this that provides us with valuable resources for research, data, and quotable results.


Wishing you all a splendid summer and hoping that you will allocate some time to refocus, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself! Stay safe for the 4th of July and enjoy the time with your families, friends, colleagues and the people who bring you joy!  


—  Grateful, Michele





June 2019

Hello Fellow Coaches and Friends of Sacramento

I am so grateful that, finally, we have some warm, sunny weather to enjoy.  As I sat outside writing this letter to you all, it dawned on me that I am halfway through my term as President and it saddens me as to how fast it seems to be going.  There are so many things I want to get done that will make you proud.  The board and I have been working on exciting things for our Chapter thus creating a vision that will pull us forward and sets the Chapter up for 2020 and beyond.  We don’t have all the details defined yet, but I want to share that this is the year of growth and expansion for our chapter going beyond our current borders.


With the support of you, and our regional and global ICF teams, we are going to expand the region of ICF Sacramento as far North as the Oregon border, all of the Central Valley, and to the East into Nevada.  These parts of California and Nevada are not supported by any local chapter, and it will set ICF Sacramento up to become a medium-large chapter, equivalent to San Francisco or Los Angeles.  We have lots of work to make this happen and will be seeking your help and support. Let’s have some fun and show how creative we are!   


As a result of our plans to expand, we’re going to need a New Chapter Name. Therefore, we are kicking off a contest in the month of June for all members’ participation. Here are the details:

  1. Come up with a name for our Chapter, that the board approves, and win a prize.
  2. The contest will run for the month of June with the final name selected on June 29th at our chapter board retreat.
  3. Send your names to

I expect you will come up with some great names.  As we get into more details of our expansion and have a defined project plan, we will be reaching out to you for more involvement to help us make a smooth transition. Thank you!


We have a 66% renewal rate for this year, thank you to those members that have renewed.  If you have not renewed your membership,renew.  We really don’t want you to miss out on your great members’ benefit, the terrific learning opportunities, and connecting with your tribe of coaches. 


Our Chapter is going to be adding advertising and more sponsorships on our website and as well as in our newsletters. Check them out. There are some great offerings for coaches.  It is a way to generate additional revenue for our Chapter, which we can use to bring in speakers and provide other fun activities for our members. Also, I don’t know if you are aware, but you can advertise your programs on our website – a great membership perk.


We are asking all of you to update your profile as it links directly to the Find a Coach feature on our website.  During that update, we are requesting that you verify how much of your personal information you want displayed.  If you wish to change your profile’s visibility, select “Standard Member Directory” and under “General Info”, go to “Visibility” and select what you want to display.

One more thing… You should have received an e-mail from ICF Global requesting you to take the 2019 Global Coaching Survey. Please take the time to complete the survey as it is essential feedback to help move our profession forward. Make sure your voice is being heard here is the link to the study


I am grateful to have you all as members and for the opportunity to be your President.  Wishing everyone a fantastic start to the summer and hoping you have some excellent vacation plans for you and your family!


—    Best Regards,




May 2019

Hello Fellow Coaches and Friends of Sacramento


As I sit at my laptop to write this message to you all I am reflecting that the year seems to be moving quite fast and there are so many things I would like to get done. I am feeling the stress of checking off items on the infamous to-do list, and I realize that the list is my list and no one is pushing me but me.  I am wondering are those items on that list essential and important?  Well, I don’t have the answer, but I am trying not to be so much the doer and learn to just be. Not an easy task but I am working on it and as Maya Angelou says, it takes consistent courage to do anything.    Do you have the constant courage to just BE?


In April we held our first ever joint meeting with the Association for Talent Development (ATD) where about 80 people attended the event at UCD Extension.  It was a success and we received a lot of positive feedback from you all. We believe this was the start of a great partnership and we look forward to future co-sponsored events with ATD. 


In addition during International Coaching Week (ICW) which took place between April 29th – May 3rd our chapter sponsored two events where we shared the experience of coaching with about 60 people.  Thank you to our sponsors American River Bank, The Impact Foundry and Black Oak Casino for allowing us to present and demonstrate the value of hiring a coach and the benefits of coaching.  We would not have been able to do this without the participation of all the coaches who volunteered their time to coach, hand out ICF information, answer questions and so much more, making ICW an excellent experience for all who attended.


As you can see, read and hear, our chapter is on fire and we continue to be a fantastic chapter thanks to members like you!  I know that life gets busy and you may have forgotten about renewing your membership.  We want YOU and would not want you to miss out on the benefits of being part of our coaching community and tribe.  So, please don’t delay renewing your membership click here to renew.


One more thing.. Do you want to be part of promoting the mission, vision and values of our chapter, defining new and awesome programs, enhancing or developing your leadership skills?  Then we’d like to welcome you to join our board where we have a couple of open board positions. Please reach out to me at if you are interested in learning more about joining the board and supporting our chapter through these crucial leadership roles!


Wishing you all a beautiful month of May and I am grateful and honored to be your president.  Go out and find your consistent courage to do what you do because coaching can and will change the world!


—    Best Regards,





April 2019


 Hello Fellow ICF Sacramento Coaches;

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe we are in April; time seems to be flying by.  We are now in the spring season and, as they say, April showers bring May flowers.  I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful flowers!  What about you?  

In March I attended the ICF Global Leader Forum (GLF) in Dublin, Ireland  (Coleen Chandler attended it last year in Vancouver). GLF is the yearly gathering of ICF chapter leaders from around the world. It was a fantastic opportunity, and my head was spinning with excitement, inspiration, and pride.   It truly made me realize why I am, and why we are in the profession of coaching and associated with ICF.  For three days, I proudly represented YOU to the rest of the ICF community. The essence of the conference was centered around becoming one ICF and consisted of four compass areas of discussion which were: Ethics, Succession Planning, Non-Membership Dues Revenue and Ignite/ICF Foundation.  The board of directors is reviewing the content that was shared and we will be meeting to formulate a strategic 2-3year plan for our chapter - more information to follow. We are excited about the possibilities for the future of our chapter.   

There is a phenomenal amount of focus and energy preparing for International Coaching Week (ICW): April 29th to May 5th.   Our ICF Sacramento Chapter will bring the power of coaching to the community with two events: Tuesday, April 30th at the Impact Foundry and Wednesday, May 1st at Black Oak Casino (see our website for more details).  We believe that these well-attended events will bring strong alliances between the business community and our chapter. It isn’t too late to volunteer your expertise at ICW. In fact, your chapter needs you to participate.  Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talents, meet people, have fun and bond with your fellow coaches, it is also an important way to give back to your chapter. ICW is in three weeks and we are short of help and coaches we need all hands on deck. Please contact Tina Shaw at for how you can be of service for one or both of these events. 

Now for a little bit of business: in order to succeed, ICF Sacramento needs every one of its members.  Your continued membership makes us all shine. Have You Renewed Your ICF Membership? If yes, thank you. We are very grateful for your ongoing support. If not, please renew here for ICF Global, and renew here for ICF Sacramento. Thank you for renewing before April 30th on our website.  What do you say we beat all chapters in renewal membership rate percentage this year? Let’s do it!  

Thank you for your continued engagement and support. I am honored to be your president.  Let’s go out and change the lives of our clients and the community through coaching!

—    Michele Tevis, PCC



March  2019

Hello Fellow Coaches and Friends of ICF Sacramento,

As we are getting close to the end of the winter season, it is time to think about areas in your work, life, and family that may need a little revamping before Spring arrives.  The ending of the winter season can be the most challenging time of the year; hence the term, “Winter blahs” or “Winter blues.” I don’t know about you, but I am certainly ready for some sunshine. However, this period is also a time of rest and retreat which is good for us, even if we don’t want to.  As coaches, you are always giving so much of yourself to others; it is healthy to take some downtime to replenish your minds, bodies.  Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire — Amy Lopliti.  What are you doing in the form of self-care?   

We have been busy working on solidifying our chapter goals for 2019 and are feeling very pleased with the plan. We have a full calendar of fantastic events for you all. We kicked off the Core Competency Tele class series with coaches attending as far as Malaysia and India. Lunch N Learns are reaching a broader group of coaches, and the Coaches Coffee Café in Fair Oaks had an excellent turnout.  I am getting ready to attend the ICF Global Leadership Conference in Dublin, Ireland and am excited about the possibilities of what I will learn and can share with you all when I return.   Our chapter is thriving, and we are grateful to have all of you on this journey with us  THANK YOU!   
So, March is a time of replenishment and refocus, do what makes you feel revitalized and ready to leap into Spring! 

 —   Gratefully, Michele



                          PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

                            February  2019

Dear fellow coaches and friends of ICF Sacramento,


On January 5, 2019, the Board of Directors of ICF Sacramento held its first retreat of the year and spent many hours hashing out a plan to optimize your membership and the Chapter’s impact on the greater Sacramento Region. On January 8th, the Board had the opportunity to connect with you, our members, in an exciting and interactive way. You shared some key ideas around membership engagement, programs, and sponsorships. You also asked us to build out the annual calendar as much as possible for the year so you could plan ahead.  


We are excited to say that the program calendar is updated and on our website for the year. We have also started building the 2020 calendar of events, so if you know of speakers or programs that our members may be interested in, please share that information with our Programs Director, Joe Littell, at   


Per your feedback, we are continuing with the three programs introduced in 2018, and have initiated an additional program called Membership Engagement.  


Here is the 2019 Programs List:


a)  Monthly Lunch & Learns: Melna Jones, our 2019 President-Elect, will continue to lead these sessions. Melna kicked off the first 2019 Lunch & Learn on January 23rd, with 15 people in attendance. This was the largest number of attendees so far and a program our members enjoy.


b)  Monthly Core Competency CallsWe had such a great response with these calls that we are restarting them in 2019. The first Core Competency Call will be Thursday, February 21st at 6:00 PM. The topic will be “Setting the Foundation: Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards”. We are looking to fill the calendar with facilitators, so if you are interested in leading a call, please contact Melna Jones at


c)  International Coaching Week (ICW):International Coaching Week is ICF’s annual global celebration of coaching. Preparations are already underway for this year’s event, the week of April 29th – May 5th. Tina Shaw, our Special Events Director, is the lead organizer. You can contact her at to propose your ideas, offer your services, or your company or association for mutual benefit. It's a fantastic way to become more visible in the business community.


d)  Membership Engagement:This is not a new focus; we are adding this space per member feedback, so that our members have a variety of avenues to connect with other coaches. The motto for the year is “Ask Not What the Chapter Can Do For YouBut What You Can Do For The Chapter”– the goal is to create a culture and feeling of in-depth belonging for our members, and more involvement in our activities. Advancing in this direction, we kicked off the following:


-  Coach Café Connections (C3) in Gold River. The first established C3 is on the third Wednesday of every month at the Gold River Starbuck. The Gold River C3 is led by our Public Relations Director, Diana Messina. If you would like to lead a C3 in your area, contact Diana at (916) 479-0709. We will help you establish your own event on our ICF website and email system;

- Special Strengths Volunteer Drive - Making ICF-Sac Stronger Together. 
We are launching this continuous drive to allow members to share their special strengths and talents, while getting involved in activities and being recognized for giving back to fellow Chapter coaches.

- Q
uarterly Celebration Events. We are establishing quarterly networking events to celebrate New Members and newly-credentialed Members. Location and details are in the works. Stay tuned for more information. 


I am excited about the possibilities and we have a great year ahead!  WE want to continue building a community of coaches where you feel connected, supported and are thriving where ever you are in your journey!  


Best, Michele

ICF Sacramento Charter Chapter, President



  January  2019


Happy New Year!


As we say goodbye to 2018, I'd like to take a moment to Thank You from the bottom of my heart, and to acknowledge the leadership of Coleen Chandler for setting us up to move gracefully into 2019.  As the board of directors and members, you've been an integral part of our continued growth and success.  The dedication you all give is strengthening our profession as coaches, and our overall community.


We welcome 2019 and all the possibilities it will bring, and I am excited to be your President.  The success of the chapter and its board of directors is through a solid partnership with our members. With that said, we welcome your input and feedback as it critical in ensuring we are meeting the needs of our members. 


FY19 Chapter Goals:

    1.  Grow our association by 10-20% in FY19

    2.  Bring new and vital learning topics/speakers/tools that enhance the knowledge of our members.

    3.  Re-launch: Core Competency Calls and Lunch N’ Learns

    4.  International Coaching Week (ICW) - Have a stellar week, which embodies the coaching culture to our community

    5.  Create more Strategic Alliances and continue to foster/grow the relationship with Sac Metro, first event January 30th

    6.  Incorporate FUN, possible quarterly networking meeting, and new membership celebration

    7.  Environment Foundation  - Continue to foster a culture that the core of its existence is based on the willingness to change, is open with sharing experiences, and trust and intimacy.


Our first meeting in 2019 is Tuesday, January 8th  at 11:30 a.m. and the topic is; "Kick Off 2019 With Goals For Your Business AND For Our ICF Chapter!” The meeting is a town hall type meeting so come prepared to share your ideas on how to help our Chapter continue to ROCK and have an impact on the goals and priorities of our association in 2019.  


Let’s move our chapter to the next level, see you all at the meeting!


All the best,

Michele Tevis

ICF Charter Chapter, President


                       PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

                             December 2018


Dear coaches and friends of ICF Sacramento,

It is the season to be jolly and party with family, friends, and colleagues. True to the spirit of the season, ICF Sacramento held its annual Holiday party on December 11 at the Portofino Room in Sacramento. It was a massive success with almost 50 people attending. For the second year in a row, we celebrated our chapter and its members at a restaurant venue - a visible manifestation of the growth of our chapter and the enthusiasm that permeated our members and the Board of Directors all year.

For me, that evening was a joy and a goodbye of sorts, as this was my last public function as president of ICF Sacramento. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you. Watching everyone having such a good time, and soaking in the genuine comradery floating in the room, I was filled with gratitude and pride at our accomplishments. 

Here are a few 2018 highlights:

a) We implemented two new monthly programs: the Lunch and Learn meetings and the Core Competency calls. These programs have connected us with the Sacramento community and way beyond. The Core Competency calls are attracting coaches from the entire country and as far as Australia, England, and Europe. Also, the Lunch and Learns are attracting fantastic new coaches and people interested in coaching in the greater Sacramento region, helping us to grow our membership. Between these two programs, we have served nearly 300 participants in 2018.

ICF Chapters from other western States are now starting to implement Core Competency calls for their membership. ICF Sacramento has become a chapter that other ICF chapters are looking to for vision and leadership.

b) We continued to present terrific speakers every month to our membership with over 200 members and non-members attending. We are one of the rare ICF chapters to hold monthly live meetings steadily.

c) Between International Coaching Week (ICW) and the SAHRA conference, we significantly extended our reach in the community, built essential partnerships, and increased our sponsorships by 150%.

d) The new Board of Directors’ succession plan, started in 2017, proved a stabilizing force to the leadership team. The 2018-2019 transition has been well prepared and well executed. Your new Board of Directors will assume its functions on January 1, 2019 in a seamless way, ready to rock on Day One.

e) Our finances and financial accounting are now stable and in excellent shape for 2019.

f) Moreover, you, our members, voted with your feet. You came to our live events, and you participated as laser coaches in our community events. You gave us your suggestions and helped when we needed it. This year, we grew our new members by 30%, an outstanding achievement. You are the heart of our chapter, and I thank you for making 2018 one of our best years ever. Your participation is vital to the chapter’s success.

None of the accomplishments above happened by chance. They are the results of much hard work behind the scene by your Board of Directors and volunteer members: meetings, discussions, retreats, collaboration, endless hours on the phone and on the computer working on various projects. It does take a village and it does take time.

I would like to personally thank each board member for their continued dedication and professionalism in service to our chapter. You exceeded expectations. If our members are the wind beneath our wings, you are the oil that makes the wheel turn true. (Forgive me for mixing metaphors here.) I was lucky to serve with such an outstanding team: Michele Tevis, Tina Shaw, Mary Lynn Tobin, Jim Geiger, Diane Garga, Joe Littell, Melna Jones, Leann Ferry, Dawn Karner and Boni LaValley. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your creativity, kindness, laughter, support, and friendship made my job easier and so very rewarding.

Leann Ferry, ACC, our Special Events Director who brought you ICW and the fabulous Holiday parties, is leaving the board to concentrate on family and her coaching practice. Leann was a joy to work with and brought great energy and fun to her position. Thank you for your contribution, Leann, and best wishes in your new endeavors.

Now it’s time to look to the future. I am passing the president’s baton to Michele Tevis, PCC who has been our Membership Director for two years, and my invaluable copilot in 2018 as President-Elect. I could not be more pleased. Michele and I have worked closely together this year, and she is fully ready to take on the leadership of our chapter. Her knowledge of the chapter and its functioning is second to none. Michele brims with ideas and brings a clear and strategic mind, a modern outlook and a can-do attitude that are perfect to take us to the next level. She is an awesome person, to boot.

We have an impressive board starting in January with ten board members continuing on and two new board members, Diana Messina and Todd Eckblad. 2019 is in very good hands. I can’t wait.

On behalf of the entire board of directors, I wish you a loving, joyous, peaceful Holiday Season and a rocking, prosperous New Year. May you be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams!

To your coaching success, today and beyond,

Coleen Chandler, PCC

President, ICF Sacramento

December 2018



          November 2018

Greetings Coaches and Friends of ICF Sacramento,

As many of us are preparing for Thanksgiving, we are reminded once more about the fragility of life and our environments, and that nothing can ever be taken for granted.

Witnessing yet another horrific shooting and the devastating fires raging from Northern to Southern California, I ache for the pain that thousands of families are going through, for the loss of lives, pets, homes and cherished belongings, and the sense of security and safety - that should be ours to enjoy freely - shattered in a second, minute or hour.

What attracted me to America when I immigrated here nearly 40 years ago was the resiliency and hopeful optimism of its people - a can-do attitude even in the face of significant challenges. I am in awe of this vital force that unites us over and over again and brings communities together to rebuild and start the process of healing. This time will be no different. And yet, let’s not brush too quickly over the reality of how daunting this journey really is, especially for those who have lost loved ones. We honor you and your courage.

So, what can we do? That’s often the question asked after such tragedies. Coaches are generous. Some of us will donate time, money and essential items; some will pray; others will act through our political and legal systems to effect changes. One thing we can all do - and coaches know that intimately - is be the best we can, live the most fulfilled life we can, shine our light as bright and as wide as we can, so we touch people in a way that transforms lives and brings more peace to the world.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I wish you a safe, joyful, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!

Coleen Chandler, PCC, CPCC
President, ICF Sacramento



           May 2018 

Dear ICF coaches and friends of ICF Sacramento,

Spring is flying by and our chapter is buzzing with activities and “premieres”. 

    Board meetings go long as Directors brim with ideas and discuss ardently ways to make them happen. Monthly on-site events, where we offer high quality speakers on dedicated coaching topics, are well attended. 

    In May, we offered our second hybrid in-person/virtual class, which brought yet another dimension to our monthly meetings. So what are we up to?

    We had two major “premieres” this spring:

    • We launched our first Lunch & Learn event on March 28, led by Melna Jones;
    • In addition to our regular monthly meeting, we held our first Core Competency call on March 22 on Ethics Foundation, which I facilitated. 

    Both were well received and brought extra value to our members and non-members alike. The feedback is clear: our members like the variety we now offer.

    In parallel, the effervescent energy around the preparation for International Coaching Week (ICW) reached its peak on May 7 to May 11 when ICF Sacramento brought the power of coaching to the community with four successful events. We believe that these events will bring strong alliances between the business community and our chapter to help you position your talents in the coaching marketplace.

    A BIG thank you to our event hosts:

    • The Sacramento Chamber of Commerce 
    • American River Bank 
    • COWO (a brand new co-working facility located in midtown Sacramento) 

    You gave us the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching (and our passion for this beloved profession) with your members and your staff. We had a fantastic time coaching with you

    A special mention and our HUGE appreciation to the ICW Team, which rocked under the leadership of our lead organizer, Lean Ferry, ACC, and her two right hands, Diane Garga, ACC and Tina Shaw, PCCOur super pro-active ICW committee and about fourteen volunteer coaches brought the spirit and mission of ICW to the Sacramento region. We acknowledge and thank you all.

    We can bring you these initiatives because, among other things, the chapter has an adequate budget for season 2017-2018. It’s you, our members, who make it possible by participating in our events and, yes, by renewing your membership. And it’s that time of year again. 

    Have You Renewed Your ICF Membership? If yes, thank you. We are very grateful for your ongoing support. If not, please renew here for ICF Global, and renew here for ICF Sacramento. To succeed, ICF Sacramento needs every one of its members.  

    We have two exciting speakers for you in June: Gloria Manchester, ACC and David Drake, PhD. Go to to learn (and register) about their event. 

    And be sure to check out our May/June newsletter for more information.

    As I witness the strides made since January 1st thanks to the greatness of our board and our coaches, I feel deeply privileged to serve you and this profession. Don't hesitate to come say hello during our meetings. I always enjoy it.

    On behalf of the entire board, I wish you continued fun and growth this spring.

    To your coaching success,

    Coleen Chandler, PCC, CPCC
    President, ICF Sacramento 



    March 2018

    Dear coaches and friends of ICF Sacramento,

    Besides beautiful weather and outdoor fun, what does March and springtime mean to our ICF Sacramento Chapter? First and foremost, it’s ICF Global membership renewal time!  This is the time when we recommit not only to our professional coaching association, but to our profession; when we show our desire to advance alongside outstanding professional and credentialed coaches; and when we proudly claim that, as Global ICF members, we are raising our excellence, integrity and collaboration to the highest international standards in the industry – the Gold Standard, as ICF calls it.

    At 23 years old, this tiny association created by Thomas Leonard in 1995 has seen explosive growth. We are 30,000 members strong with 131 chapters in 70 countries (in 2017), and growing every day.  ICF Global works hard to be at the forefront of the coaching profession and to maintain the highest quality credentialing process.

    Your continued membership makes us all shine. Thank you for renewing before March 31 on our website
    . What do you say we beat all chapters in renewal membership rate percentage’s this year? Let’s do it!

    In other news this month, we are delighted to present our first Lunch & Learn on Wednesday the 28th at Noon (in person meeting), and the first Core Competency Call on Thursday the 22nd at 6:00 pm (virtual meeting). You can sign up on our chapter website. We have listened to you and are proposing a variety of days and times among our three monthly events to accommodate as many of you as possible. We are excited and cannot wait for you to join us.

    Finally, this month I will be going to the ICF Global Leader Forum (GLF) in Vancouver (Tina Shaw attended it last year in Poland). GLF is the yearly gathering of ICF chapter leaders from around the world.  For three days, I will proudly represent YOU to the rest of the ICF community and expect to come back eager to share valuable information and knowledge with you.

    In the meantime, I will see you at Dr. Maria Nemeth’s presentation “Establishing a Powerful Coaching Presence” on March 13.  Please register for that as well.

    On behalf of the entire Board, I wish you a lovely passage into springtime.

    To your coaching success,

    Coleen Chandler, PCC, CPCC
    President, ICF Sacramento

    February 2018

    Dear coaches and friends of ICF Sacramento,

    On January 6, 2018 the Board of Directors of ICF Sacramento had its first retreat of the year and spent many hours hashing out a plan to optimize your membership and the chapter’s impact on the greater Sacramento Region. Along with our members – in an exciting and interactive meeting on January 9th - we came up with a plan to create more opportunities for you to connect, share and grow.  Here are the three projects that we intend on bringing you this year:

    a)      Monthly Lunch & Learns, where members will be able to participate in discussions on any topic pertaining to coaching and the coaching business. This is an informal gathering and an excellent opportunity for you to bring your questions and learn from the wisdom and experience of your fellow coaches. We are planning to introduce our first Lunch & Learn in March. Be on the lookout for that information. Melna Jones, our Public Relations Director, is the lead on this project. Please contact her at if you wish to be a part of her team to set this up.

    b)      Monthly Core Competency calls, where we will, virtually and as a group, review one ICF Core Competency per month. There are 11 ICF core competencies, starting with Setting the Foundation: Meeting Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards. On these calls, we will deepen our experience in each competency and share our insights on how to best use it in our practice. Calls will be facilitated by different coaches throughout the year. If you are interested in leading a call, please contact me  at Best of all, we are looking into getting you one ICF Coaching Continuing Education Unit (CCEU) in Core Competency per call, if you are live on the call.

    c)      International Coaching Week (ICW). This is our yearly, global celebration of coaching. We are already in preparation for the week of May 7-13. Leann Ferry, ACC, our Special Events Director, is the lead organizer. You can contact her at to propose your services, your ideas, or your company or association for mutual benefit. It's a fantastic way to become more visible in the business community.

    Everyone is welcomed to these events. Whether you are a seasoned coach or newer to the field, we encourage you to participate in as many of the Lunch & Learns and Core Competency calls as you can, and to get involved with ICW. This is your chance to maximize your ICF Sacramento membership, and grow as a coach and business owner.

    Personally, I am thrilled to be back on February 13 to teach Part 2 of the Creativity Coaching Class. This class will stand alone; you do not need to have taken Part 1. We had a great time last year and the feedback was wonderful. I hope to see as many of you as possible.

    In the meantime, with February being traditionally the month of love, on behalf of the entire Leadership team, I wish you a loving and gratifying month.

    To your coaching success,

    Coleen Chandler, PCC, CPCC
    President, ICF Sacramento

    January 2018


    Dear coaches and friends of ICF Sacramento,

    I hope that your holidays were wonderful and that this New Year finds you with a spring in your step, joy in your heart and enthusiasm for your coaching profession. 

    Coleen President

    A new year also means a new president for your chapter. I am honored to be your 2018 president and to serve alongside an amazing Board of Directors, nine of whom are continuing on in 2018. We are also welcoming a new Secretary, Mary Lynn Tobin, ACC and a new Director at Large, Boni LaValley, ACC. And I am happy to announce that Michele Tevis, PCC has accepted the position of President-Elect while remaining our Membership Director.  

    Please acquaint yourself with these remarkably accomplished and committed coaches - all volunteers - who work tirelessly in the background to provide you with a membership experience as seamless as possible, and who help keep your coaching skills up to date with programs, activities and events like our monthly membership meetings and ICW.  You can check your Board of Directors' profiles here

    Sprinkle in some networking fun during our monthly meetings, and our very successful year-end holiday parties, and you have a winning chapter. 

    We are saying goodbye to our dear Dolores Davis who is being termed out as Director at Large. Dolores is one of the first people I met when I joined ICF Sacramento and she instantly made me feel at home and part of the ICF tribe. Dolores has helped the chapter in numerous capacities over the years and we are grateful for her smile and unwavering dedication to contribute wherever needed. Dolores isn’t the retiring type so I am sure that we will find a special committee where her talents can continue to shine. Thank you, Dolores.

    A little bit about myself for those who do not know me
    : I joined the Board of ICF Sacramento back in 2015 as the Public Relations Director, invited to the role by then president Pam Alexandra. I said yes, having no clue what the position would entail (sometimes ignorance is a good thing). This turned out to be a great decision as I found myself uplifted and inspired by the comradery of the leadership team and the gratification of giving back to a profession that has brought me so much joy. As the chapter grew in size, depth and efficiency, I grew along with it and todayI am proud and privileged to serve as your president.   

    I stand on the shoulders of the many presidents before me. I particularly want to acknowledge and give our thanks and gratitude to our past president, Tina Shaw, whose steady hand and proactive leadership - in a time of high turnover among board members - brought a vision and a direction to the chapter that will be felt for years to come. Tina’s presidency was consequential and, fortunately for us, she will remain a vital part of the board in 2018 as our past president. Broadening her ICF horizons, Tina is now a member of the ICF Western Region Steering Committee, whose task is to represent the western region ICF chapters to ICF Global. If that was not enough, Tina has also accepted the role of ICF Sacramento Webmaster, so for all things Club Express, she’s your gal.     

    On Saturday the 6th, the new board will meet to refine our objectives for 2018 and maintain a fiscally sound business plan. 

    We are blessed to belong to a profession that makes the world a better place and we hope you will join us in making 2018 another milestone year for our thriving ICF Sacramento chapter, so we can continue to serve you and the greater Sacramento region. But we cannot do it alone. We need your wisdom, energy, creativity and input. Your voice and engagement are vital. Without you, this chapter would not exist. To that effect, we are planning a town hall style meeting at our regular daytime monthly meeting on the 9th of January to hear your ideas. Please register as soon as possible and come kick off the New Year with us.

    And don't hesitate to come say hello during our meetings. I'd love to meet you. 

    To your coaching success in 2018 and beyond, 

    Coleen Chandler, PCC, CPCC
    President, ICF Sacramento 


    December 2017 

    As 2017 comes to a close I want to extend my profound gratitude to our leadership team, Coleen Chandler, Diane Garga,, Michele Tevis, Leann Ferry, Jim Geiger, Dawn Karner, Melna Jones, Joe Littell for their selfless work and dedication to moving our Chapter forward and creating value for our members and guests. I also want to acknowledge and thank our membership, guests, sponsors and partners for helping us to make this year a success for our Chapter! Without all of YOU, we could not have achieved all we accomplished this year. 

    Here are a few highlights:

    • Our membership has grown from 63 this time last year to 70!   
    • We have improved our fiscal soundness with increased revenue and reduced expenses!
    • We built a strong leadership team with phenomenal retention as we go into 2018 with 9 out of 10 Board Members continuing into next year, and we have two more NEW members joining the leadership team!
    • We created governance structure and systems to support the administration of our Chapter, including the implementation of Club Express and other systems as described in my November President's Message!

    I want to thank our sponsors who provide space for our meetings, which allows us to bring valuable programs to our members and guests while helping us manage our modest budget.

    The Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) and Dr. Maria Nemeth and her staff who graciously provide us space at ACE for our regular monthly meetings, as well as for our in-person Board Meetings and Retreats. We are blessed to have you supporting our Chapter, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

    UC Davis Extension and Crystal Babowal and the UCDE staff who provided the venue and set up support for our 2017 International Coaching Week Event in May. Our Chapter appreciates your continued support of our Chapter and for spreading the word about the value of ICF membership to your coaching students.

    I have enjoyed leading the Chapter since taking on the role of President in August 2016, and I am pleased to hand over the reigns to the very capable and creative Coleen Chandler. I am eager to see where we go next! You can help steer our Chapter towards our future while planning your own business future in our January monthly meeting. Check it out here. I would love to see you there!

    And in case you are wondering, I will continue to serve on the Board as Past President and Webmaster in 2018. I am delighted to contribute, learn and continue to grow with my fellow ICF Sacramento coaching tribe!

    Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and a Successful New Year!

    With gratitude,

    Tina R. Shaw, PCC

    2017 President, ICF Sacramento



    November 2017 

    November is a month for giving thanks, and I have much for which to be thankful. I am blessed to be able to do work I love, and to work with a team of exceptional coaches who have worked diligently to create positive change within our Chapter. As I look back on this year I am quite pleased with the progress we have made in improving our policies and processes in our operations while building relationships and capabilities in our team. When I took on the role of President I discovered various challenges that caused hiccups in the transition from one Board to the next. Some of these challenges included:

    • Various Chapter accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Zoom and others were created using individual Board Member’s email addresses, causing difficulty in transferring ownership of these accounts from one President to the next, and as a result we found ourselves locked out of our Facebook and Twitter accounts for several months earlier this year. We also missed some billing renewal notices because notices were sent to now defunct email addresses.
    • Board documents were stored by individuals who created them on their own private systems, which limited access to documents and resulted in a loss of historical data from year-to-year.
    • Our website was built on a platform with a significant administrative learning curve that only a few Board Members had limited experience with, thus requiring dependence on third party administrator at significant expense for technical support.
    • We required multiple stand-alone systems for website, email communications, event registration and payment transactions, each with separate administrative responsibilities.

    Our Board decided to tackle each of these issues in an attempt to simplify the administrative duties of the Board and deliver a better experience for our members. Some of the changes we implemented include:

    • We created a Chapter email address to be used on all Chapter accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, etc. Access to this email address is transferred to the incoming President each year, and to allow for resetting of account passwords to maintain security.
    • We purchased a Chapter Dropbox account to have a shared depository for all Chapter documents and created a file structure protocol to make it easier to find what we need quickly. Access to this account can easily be shared with incoming Board Members ensuring historical data is not lost as we transition from one Board to the next.
    • We successfully implemented Club Express, a website and member management software system with an easier learning curve, greater functionality, lower cost, and free phone and email support for Administrators and Users.
    • Club Express offers an integrated system that includes email communications, event registration, payment transactions, survey capabilities, links to social media, and automation to reduce the administrative burden of managing our Chapter.

    Why does all of this matter? Reducing the amount of time and expense required for administrative duties frees the Board to spend more energy and resources on activities that deliver more value to our members and guests while fulfilling our strategic vision and mission. And, it makes serving on the Board more FUN!

    If you are interested in helping to shape the future of our Chapter, please consider volunteering for a role on our Board of Directors or serving on a committee. We have a variety of opportunities available. Contact us at and let us know how you can contribute and we will match you with a volunteer opportunity.

    With gratitude,

    Tina R. Shaw, PCC

    President, ICF Sacramento



    October 2017 

    As we welcome a new season our Chapter is thrilled to announce a new member has joined our Leadership Team! Please join me in congratulating Joe Littell for his new position on the ICF Sacramento Board as Professional Development Director effective this month! Joe brings a background in event planning along with a passion for learning and coaching that will serve him well in his new role. Come meet Joe at our next monthly meeting when Coleen Chandler, PCC will help us explore our creativity as coaches, and how to bring out the creativity in our clients on October 10th from 6:30 - 8:15 pm at the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Register Here

    October is the month we open nominations for next year's Board of Directors. Our President-Elect, Coleen Chandler will be putting together a slate of candidates to present to the Board for the ballot. This is your opportunity to take on a leadership role with our Chapter and contribute to our wonderful community of coaches! What's in it for you? You will have the opportunity to co-create the kind of professional organization you are proud to be part of, and you get to hang out with a pretty incredibly group of coaches, too! If you are interested in a role, please contact us at to submit your nomination. 

    After the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, my September message outlining three coping strategies during times of distress seems especially relevant. You can read it here

    I hope to see you at our October meeting!

    With gratitude,

    Tina R. Shaw, PCC
    President, ICF Sacramento


     September 2017

    I have noticed that at times these past few weeks I have been quite distracted by what is happening in the world, from floods to wildfires, to political unrest. In the midst of distressing times, it is especially important to put on our own oxygen masks first. As coaches, before we can help our clients, we need to make sure we attend to our self-care.

    Here are some tactics that help my clients - and me, too.

    • Gratitude. What can I be grateful for today? It is nearly impossible to stay down when you focus on things for which you are authentically grateful.

    • Action. Whether it is donating to flood or fire victims, volunteering for a cause you believe in, or otherwise using your influence, talents or resources to help make things better, doing something allows us to stand in our power rather than helplessness.

    • Support. For me, being with other coaches helps to uplift me and inspire me to show up as my best self and to use my strengths to make a positive contribution to the world.
    Spending time with the brilliant coaches in our ICF Chapter is a form of self-care for me because they teach me the great power we hold to bring love and positive change to the world,k and that inspires hope for the future. 

    With gratitude,

    Tina R. Shaw, PCC
    President, ICF Sacramento


    August 2017 

    I want to acknowledge and thank outgoing Board Member SueAnn Freeman as she steps down from her role as Director-at-Large to attend to family needs. I want to acknowledge and thank SueAnn for her contributions, including the phone calls she made during our member renewal campaign. Our renewal rate is higher than average for Chapters per ICF Global, and I believe SueAnn’s efforts helped us to achieve that. Thank you, SueAnn

    I have the privilege of leading a team of brilliant coaches who are helping me become a better leader while providing their talents in support of our coaching community. It takes a significant commitment and a desire to contribute in order to make an all-volunteer organization such as ours work, and I want to extend a well-deserved THANK YOU to our amazing Board Members: 
    Coleen Chandler, Dolores Davis, Diane Garga, Leann Freeman, Jim Geiger, Melna Jones, Dawn Karner, and Michele Tevis. 

    Our ICF Sacramento leadership team met for a mid-year retreat on July 15th to build relationships, share learning and co-create where we will go next. I am delighted with the outcomes we achieved from this meeting. We built stronger bonds, shared struggles, made requests, learned from each other, agreed to next actions, celebrated our successes, and learned from failure, too! Here are some things that came out of our meeting:

    • We will hold at least one in-person Board meeting per quarter to build and maintain a feeling of “team”.
    • We are providing additional training and support to Board members to support them in their roles.
    • We will implement new communication practices to improve connection, clarity and support us with positive accountability.

    We learned a lot from each other in that meeting, and we are actively creating a better future for our Team and the Chapter. YOU could be a part of this awesome team, too! Contact me at to learn more about how you can volunteer your talents in service of our profession. 

    Board of Directors Positions Open

    ICF Sacramento Accepting Applications for Vacant Board of Director Positions 

    Are you interested in an opportunity to exercise your leadership muscles?  The ICF Sacramento Valley Chapter is looking to fill two key positions.  Give back to the profession by serving in one of these rewarding positions!

    ·    Professional Development Director

    ·    Director at Large

    If you’d like to be considered, or would like more information, please email Tina Shaw, President, ICF Sacramento Chapter at

    With gratitude,

    Tina R. Shaw, PCC 
    President, ICF Sacramento



    July 2017 

    Summer is upon us, and with the change in seasons comes another change for our Chapter. Our Professional Development Director, Andreea Hurduzeu has decided to step down from her role on the Board for personal reasons. Andreea joined the Board in September 2016 jumping in with both feet to take on this very important role. Attendance at our monthly programs has steadily increased over the months since she started, and I credit her smart sourcing and vetting of presenters for that positive result. She will be dearly missed on the Board, and she has assured us she will continue to be an active part of our membership as she continues her own coaching journey. I am deeply grateful to you, Andreea, for your energy and willingness to take ownership of the role and run with it. It was a pleasure working with you and we wish you well.

    Do you have a passion for helping others thrive? Would you like to have influence in the types of Programs ICF Sacramento offers to its membership? Do you have a call to serve others? Would you welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a team of Brilliant Coaches as part of the ICF Board? If you said YES to any of these questions, I want to hear from YOU! We are in need of a new Professional Development Director to join our Leadership Team and make a difference in the lives of our Member Coaches. Please contact me at or call me at 916.342.2048 if you are interested in making a positive contribution to our profession by serving in this role or serving on a committee in support of this role.

    Here is to a Summer of Growth and Gratitude!

    Tina R. Shaw, ACC
    President, ICF Sacramento


    Dear Chapter Members,

    News AlertAnnouncing the SACRAMENTO ICF Chapter Members expiration date has been extended to April 30!  An extra month free!  The new chapter annual membership period will be May 1st to April 30th starting with the 2017-2018 year.

    As trained coaches and ICF members, we know that our ICF Membership helps us to be the best versions of ourselves, both personally and professionally.

    We each represent the highest quality of professional coaching. Together with our colleagues around the world, we are raising the standard for our industry and helping our clients to become the best version of themselves. For those of us who choose to rejoin ICF this year, here are some of the local opportunities and benefits we can expect:

    • Professional Credibility: Membership in a chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) enhances your credibility as a coach.  ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching professional by setting high ethical standards, providing independent certification and building a network of credentialed coaches.

    • Continuing Coach EducationICF Members can enhance their professional development and earn Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units by participating in select ICF Chapter events and Communities of Practice at minimal to no cost.

    • Leadership Opportunities:  ICF Sacramento provides leadership opportunities for members to support, shape and lead the growth of our Chapter and the professionalism of coaching.

    • Your Individual Coach Page on our “Hire a Professional Coach” Website Page:  Members may be included on our Hire a Professional Coach page, by coaching specialties and by name.

    You must be an ICF Global Member to enjoy full membership in ICF Sacramento.  Renewing your ICF Global membership qualifies you to also renew your membership with the Sacramento Chapter of ICF. 

    As a member, you’ll continue to enjoy the credibility, community and opportunities for continuous development that come with identifying yourself as a member of the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches. ICF renewal fees are as follows:

    • ICF Sacramento Chapter - $60 annually 
    • ICF Global - $245 annually

    I look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2017 as we strive, individually and collectively, to be the best coaches we can be. Maintain your GLOBAL ICF Membership by renewing today.

    Kind regards,

    Tina R. Shaw, ACC

    President, ICF Sacramento


    ICF Sacramento
    3308 El Camino Ave, Suite 300-110
    Sacramento, CA 95821
    United States of America