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Paul Briley 

Off the Comma Coaching  Activation Coach and Principal
Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento, CA
Off the Comma Coaching
Activation Coach and Principal

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Off the Comma Coaching
Activation Coach and Principal


About Paul Briley: 

Throughout my career, I have coached peers and customers through a variety of styles and models. When the pandemic and racial reckonings happened in 2020, I found myself sitting on a comma™ (along with the rest of the world). My horizons expanded and my values shifted. By 2021, I realized that getting myself off the comma meant helping others do the same. Off the Comma™ Coaching was born.

I am a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Professional in Talent Development. My focus is on people, talent and possibility. I build relationships based on a sense of purpose, action-orientation and having fun in the process. When coaching, it’s all about helping you through your journey, while challenging you to tap into the wisdom you carry inside. Sitting on a comma can be one of life's greatest gifts. 

Learn more about me. My linktree.

ICF Sacramento
3308 El Camino Ave, Suite 300-110
Sacramento, CA 95821
United States of America