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Katie Kanowsky 

Katie Kanowsky  Owner/Coach/Trainer

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Katie Kanowsky

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Kanowsky Coaching and Consulting


Katie is passionate about partnering with clients to reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, while increasing calm, focus, productivity, and an overall sense of wellbeing. She combines her expertise as a coach and cognitive scientist to help others find peace, clarity, and joy. Her clients long for the confidence and follow through to go after their dreams and create a life they love!

Her passion is to help children and teens in the public education system learn to harness this information in their formative years instead of after choosing their life path. Her mission is to create a sustainable psychological support system within the public education system that serves all individuals at the school site, helping them grow into their unique potential.

Because she knows the struggle of creating a healthy and thriving coaching business she also works with new coaches to help them find the niche that calls to their heart and helps them create the impact they desire. Coaches have a unique ability to create positive change in their communities. She believes that if you help coaches build their businesses you will exponentially impact all the lives their touch and the future of humanity.

She earned her BS in Organizational Behavior and Leadership at the University of the Pacific, completed coach training through University California, Davis, and holds multiple certifications in the coaching field, including Values2Wellbeing, HeartMath, and Sovereign Mind. 


Stress & Anxiety, Business, Focus & Follow Through, Financial Well-being, Healthy Lifestyles, Inclusion & Belonging, Life Challenges, Relationships, Work Performance, Mindfulness & Meditation

ICF Sacramento
3308 El Camino Ave, Suite 300-110
Sacramento, CA 95821
United States of America