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We've Launched!

Published on 4/19/2017
ICF Sacramento Charter Chapter launched its new website using ClubExpress, a new and powerful Internet tool for managing clubs and associations. One of the features of ClubExpress is an online membership database, which includes our Member and Chapter Associate information and a Find a Coach directory module that allows Members to be searchable by potential clients or other members. 

How to Set Up Your Profile and Coach Page:

If you are a Member, please be sure to log in and complete your Member Profile, including your Interests, to optimize your Profile (a.k.a. Coach Page) being returned in search results. The Interests link also allows you to select languages you speak, which is another search filter option on the Directory. Here are some basic instructions to get you started:

Next, update your Member Profile using the links shown in the image below. You can add your Profile Picture at the bottom of the Standard Member Directory link. Profile pictures are highly recommended. 

Once you have updated your Profile, go to the Find a Coach>ICF Sacramento Directory menu option at the top of the page, and try various search options to test if your Profile is returned. If it does not and you think it should have, check that you selected all applicable Interests on the Interests link under Website on the Member Profile page, and that you have updated your Contact,   Additional Member Data, and Standard Member Directory links with the information connected to the Search filters. If you still do not return on the results, please contact ClubExpress Support at 1-866-457-2582 or email them at

Please note that including key words in your BIO will only be searchable if someone selects the Simple Search key word option. If they use a Search Filter (the dropdown menus in Advanced Search), those filters do NOT search your BIO keywords. So, if you list Leadership in your BIO, but do NOT select it as an Interest, your page will NOT return in the results if someone uses the Specialty Areas Drop Down and searches for coaches who specialize in Leadership. 

Don't forget to check the Events page for upcoming meetings. Registration is easy! For the May event, we will be offering a virtual webinar and we will be gathering as a group at our normal meeting place to attend the webinar together for those who want to enjoy networking, pizza and some fun! If you plan to join us for the May event, please register for ONE of the events, either in-person or the virtual event only if you are unable to join us in person. 

We are making plans to offer a webinar to members on how to build your Member Profile and navigate the site in the coming weeks. Please check back on the Events page or check your email for details on the date and time. 

If you have feedback on the new website, please email us at