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November 2017 

November is a month for giving thanks, and I have much for which to be thankful. I am blessed to be able to do work I love, and to work with a team of exceptional coaches who have worked diligently to create positive change within our Chapter. As I look back on this year I am quite pleased with the progress we have made in improving our policies and processes in our operations while building relationships and capabilities in our team. When I took on the role of President I discovered various challenges that caused hiccups in the transition from one Board to the next. Some of these challenges included:


  • Various Chapter accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Zoom and others were created using individual Board Member’s email addresses, causing difficulty in transferring ownership of these accounts from one President to the next, and as a result we found ourselves locked out of our Facebook and Twitter accounts for several months earlier this year. We also missed some billing renewal notices because notices were sent to now defunct email addresses.
  • Board documents were stored by individuals who created them on their own private systems, which limited access to documents and resulted in a loss of historical data from year-to-year.
  • Our website was built on a platform with a significant administrative learning curve that only a few Board Members had limited experience with, thus requiring dependence on third party administrator at significant expense for technical support.
  • We required multiple stand-alone systems for website, email communications, event registration and payment transactions, each with separate administrative responsibilities.

Our Board decided to tackle each of these issues in an attempt to simplify the administrative duties of the Board and deliver a better experience for our members. Some of the changes we implemented include:

  • We created a Chapter email address to be used on all Chapter accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, etc. Access to this email address is transferred to the incoming President each year, and to allow for resetting of account passwords to maintain security.
  • We purchased a Chapter Dropbox account to have a shared depository for all Chapter documents and created a file structure protocol to make it easier to find what we need quickly. Access to this account can easily be shared with incoming Board Members ensuring historical data is not lost as we transition from one Board to the next.
  • We successfully implemented Club Express, a website and member management software system with an easier learning curve, greater functionality, lower cost, and free phone and email support for Administrators and Users.
  • Club Express offers an integrated system that includes email communications, event registration, payment transactions, survey capabilities, links to social media, and automation to reduce the administrative burden of managing our Chapter.

Why does all of this matter? Reducing the amount of time and expense required for administrative duties frees the Board to spend more energy and resources on activities that deliver more value to our members and guests while fulfilling our strategic vision and mission. And, it makes serving on the Board more FUN!


If you are interested in helping to shape the future of our Chapter, please consider volunteering for a role on our Board of Directors or serving on a committee. We have a variety of opportunities available. Contact us at and let us know how you can contribute and we will match you with a volunteer opportunity.


With gratitude,


Tina R. Shaw, PCC

President, ICF Sacramento



October 2017 

As we welcome a new season our Chapter is thrilled to announce a new member has joined our Leadership Team! Please join me in congratulating Joe Littell for his new position on the ICF Sacramento Board as Professional Development Director effective this month! Joe brings a background in event planning along with a passion for learning and coaching that will serve him well in his new role. Come meet Joe at our next monthly meeting when Coleen Chandler, PCC will help us explore our creativity as coaches, and how to bring out the creativity in our clients on October 10th from 6:30 - 8:15 pm at the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Register Here

October is the month we open nominations for next year's Board of Directors. Our President-Elect, Coleen Chandler will be putting together a slate of candidates to present to the Board for the ballot. This is your opportunity to take on a leadership role with our Chapter and contribute to our wonderful community of coaches! What's in it for you? You will have the opportunity to co-create the kind of professional organization you are proud to be part of, and you get to hang out with a pretty incredibly group of coaches, too! If you are interested in a role, please contact us at to submit your nomination. 

After the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, my September message outlining three coping strategies during times of distress seems especially relevant. You can read it here

I hope to see you at our October meeting!

With gratitude,

Tina R. Shaw, PCC
President, ICF Sacramento


 September 2017

I have noticed that at times these past few weeks I have been quite distracted by what is happening in the world, from floods to wildfires, to political unrest. In the midst of distressing times, it is especially important to put on our own oxygen masks first. As coaches, before we can help our clients, we need to make sure we attend to our self-care.

Here are some tactics that help my clients - and me, too.

  • Gratitude. What can I be grateful for today? It is nearly impossible to stay down when you focus on things for which you are authentically grateful.

  • Action. Whether it is donating to flood or fire victims, volunteering for a cause you believe in, or otherwise using your influence, talents or resources to help make things better, doing something allows us to stand in our power rather than helplessness.

  • Support. For me, being with other coaches helps to uplift me and inspire me to show up as my best self and to use my strengths to make a positive contribution to the world.
Spending time with the brilliant coaches in our ICF Chapter is a form of self-care for me because they teach me the great power we hold to bring love and positive change to the world,k and that inspires hope for the future. 

With gratitude,

Tina R. Shaw, PCC
President, ICF Sacramento


August 2017 

I want to acknowledge and thank outgoing Board Member SueAnn Freeman as she steps down from her role as Director-at-Large to attend to family needs. I want to acknowledge and thank SueAnn for her contributions, including the phone calls she made during our member renewal campaign. Our renewal rate is higher than average for Chapters per ICF Global, and I believe SueAnn’s efforts helped us to achieve that. Thank you, SueAnn! 

I have the privilege of leading a team of brilliant coaches who are helping me become a better leader while providing their talents in support of our coaching community. It takes a significant commitment and a desire to contribute in order to make an all-volunteer organization such as ours work, and I want to extend a well-deserved THANK YOU to our amazing Board Members: 
Coleen Chandler, Dolores Davis, Diane Garga, Leann Freeman, Jim Geiger, Melna Jones, Dawn Karner, and Michele Tevis. 

Our ICF Sacramento leadership team met for a mid-year retreat on July 15th to build relationships, share learning and co-create where we will go next. I am delighted with the outcomes we achieved from this meeting. We built stronger bonds, shared struggles, made requests, learned from each other, agreed to next actions, celebrated our successes, and learned from failure, too! Here are some things that came out of our meeting:

  • We will hold at least one in-person Board meeting per quarter to build and maintain a feeling of “team”.
  • We are providing additional training and support to Board members to support them in their roles.
  • We will implement new communication practices to improve connection, clarity and support us with positive accountability.

We learned a lot from each other in that meeting, and we are actively creating a better future for our Team and the Chapter. YOU could be a part of this awesome team, too! Contact me at to learn more about how you can volunteer your talents in service of our profession. 

Board of Directors Positions Open

ICF Sacramento Accepting Applications for Vacant Board of Director Positions 

Are you interested in an opportunity to exercise your leadership muscles?  The ICF Sacramento Valley Chapter is looking to fill two key positions.  Give back to the profession by serving in one of these rewarding positions!

·    Professional Development Director

·    Director at Large

If you’d like to be considered, or would like more information, please email Tina Shaw, President, ICF Sacramento Chapter at

With gratitude,

Tina R. Shaw, PCC 
President, ICF Sacramento


July 2017 

Summer is upon us, and with the change in seasons comes another change for our Chapter. Our Professional Development Director, Andreea Hurduzeu has decided to step down from her role on the Board for personal reasons. Andreea joined the Board in September 2016 jumping in with both feet to take on this very important role. Attendance at our monthly programs has steadily increased over the months since she started, and I credit her smart sourcing and vetting of presenters for that positive result. She will be dearly missed on the Board, and she has assured us she will continue to be an active part of our membership as she continues her own coaching journey. I am deeply grateful to you, Andreea, for your energy and willingness to take ownership of the role and run with it. It was a pleasure working with you and we wish you well.

Do you have a passion for helping others thrive? Would you like to have influence in the types of Programs ICF Sacramento offers to its membership? Do you have a call to serve others? Would you welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a team of Brilliant Coaches as part of the ICF Board? If you said YES to any of these questions, I want to hear from YOU! We are in need of a new Professional Development Director to join our Leadership Team and make a difference in the lives of our Member Coaches. Please contact me at or call me at 916.342.2048 if you are interested in making a positive contribution to our profession by serving in this role or serving on a committee in support of this role.

Here is to a Summer of Growth and Gratitude!

Tina R. Shaw, ACC
President, ICF Sacramento


Dear Chapter Members,

News AlertAnnouncing the SACRAMENTO ICF Chapter Members expiration date has been extended to April 30!  An extra month free!  The new chapter annual membership period will be May 1st to April 30th starting with the 2017-2018 year.

As trained coaches and ICF members, we know that our ICF Membership helps us to be the best versions of ourselves, both personally and professionally.

We each represent the highest quality of professional coaching. Together with our colleagues around the world, we are raising the standard for our industry and helping our clients to become the best version of themselves. For those of us who choose to rejoin ICF this year, here are some of the local opportunities and benefits we can expect:

  • Professional Credibility: Membership in a chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) enhances your credibility as a coach.  ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching professional by setting high ethical standards, providing independent certification and building a network of credentialed coaches.

  • Continuing Coach EducationICF Members can enhance their professional development and earn Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units by participating in select ICF Chapter events and Communities of Practice at minimal to no cost.

  • Leadership Opportunities:  ICF Sacramento provides leadership opportunities for members to support, shape and lead the growth of our Chapter and the professionalism of coaching.

  • Your Individual Coach Page on our “Hire a Professional Coach” Website Page:  Members may be included on our Hire a Professional Coach page, by coaching specialties and by name.

You must be an ICF Global Member to enjoy full membership in ICF Sacramento.  Renewing your ICF Global membership qualifies you to also renew your membership with the Sacramento Chapter of ICF. 

As a member, you’ll continue to enjoy the credibility, community and opportunities for continuous development that come with identifying yourself as a member of the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches. ICF renewal fees are as follows:

  • ICF Sacramento Chapter - $60 annually 
  • ICF Global - $245 annually

I look forward to continuing to partner with you in 2017 as we strive, individually and collectively, to be the best coaches we can be. Maintain your GLOBAL ICF Membership by renewing today.

Kind regards,

Tina R. Shaw, ACC

President, ICF Sacramento