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Jason Soll 

Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento, CA

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I’m on a mission to bring people closer to themselves, to one another, and to new possibilities. If you’re in a big transition, up against a new challenge, or hungry to reclaim life outside of work, then we should chat.

For executives, mid-career professionals and recent graduates, I coach individuals who are hungry to create the next chapter of their lives. My clients are warm-hearted, playful, talented people who want more. More clarity. More space. More growth. More wealth. More love. More play. More freedom. More joy. If you’re looking for transformation at the intersection of your professional and personal lives, message me and we’ll set up a call.

For entrepreneurs, I’ve served as a trusted advisor and executive coach to over 50 startups. After starting two companies and working as a VC, I discovered that founders need an experienced, empathetic ally in their corner. Someone who can offer guidance without being intimidating and coaching from firsthand experience. Someone who’s always got their back and doesn’t need to be impressed or sold to. Someone to make the journey less lonely and more joyful while simultaneously helping you generate quantum leaps on your roadmaps. That’s who I am with the founders I serve. If you could use someone in your corner as you build your startup, let’s chat.