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Featured Coach – March 2021

Donna Justice | Published on 3/10/2021

ICF Sacramento’s Featured Coach – March 2021

Coach: Gloria Manchester, ACC
Speciality: Women’s Empowerment
Website: LEAP to Prosperity

Gloria Manchester, ACC on her way to PCC this year, completed her original coach training and certification in 2008; however, she has been a go-to coach for women and families all over the country for many years.

Before becoming certified, Gloria promoted and co-facilitated a live seminar called Partner in Excellence (PIE) for Women. The founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women (PPW), Beth Caldwell, was a participant in one of Gloria’s PIE courses several years ago. Beth often shares that she still uses the tools learned in PIE every day.  

In honor of Gloria’s incredible dedication to her clients and her innovations that have led to thousands of women all over the globe benefitting from her work, Gloria was honored this month by PPW with its 2021 Influential Leadership Award. The honor celebrated Gloria on International Women’s Day and could not be more well-deserved.

Gloria is also an Amazon bestselling co-author. This is one of her favorite quotes from their book, “Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her.”   - Christiane Northrup, M.D.

She goes on to say, “This is what we do as coaches for both men and women. We help them heal so they can soar. What an honor to be in such a meaningful profession!” 

In 2018, Gloria, as co-founder and president of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP), created a free five-day summit for women who were struggling with the turmoil, tension, and transition from the pandemic. Gloria recruited 20 professional coaches from four countries to offer workshops to help elevate each woman’s state of mind during this unprecedented time. The event was attended by 827 women.

Out of the success of the Summit, LEAP to Prosperity Coaching Community was born, to continue inspiring, encouraging, and supporting women through its live group coaching masterclasses, online courses, and monthly mastermind. The value of this membership model with all its benefits represents thousands of dollars. It was imperative for her to create a community that offers coaching that is affordable, accessible, and actionable for as many women as possible. 

Gloria explains that the combination of group and one-on-one coaching is made all-the-more empowering by the partnerships the participants forge with each other. “Life is all about relationships,” she said. “Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Group coaching amplifies women’s voices and there’s such power in the realization, I’m not alone in my struggles. 

“I love this model because the women support each other in a group environment. It is synergy in action! They stand up with one voice, in a dynamic community where they can transform their stories and their lives,” she said.

Gloria has been coaching women for many years. In 1990, she cofounded a 501c3 nonprofit to empower teen girls who had been sexually abused and exploited. Each year (except 2020), the nonprofit raises money to support a life and leadership course with virtual coaching after the live course. The organization hopes to restart the program in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Gloria has served in three different positions on the board of ICF Sacramento. She values the power of participating in such a forward-looking professional community. “Being a solopreneur can be lonely,” she said. “Membership in ICF Sacramento allows us to be in the moment together, learning and sharing what we love. Coaches are in the business of helping humans be more human. It begins with each of us, so I believe we also need coaching to stay real.”  

“I have met some of the most gifted coaches through ICF Sacramento. I totally appreciate the support of the Chapter offering to showcase my work in this way.”